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Episode 8

1·08 A Willy For Maldis ⠀ (That Old Black Magic)

Farscape Season 1, Episode 08, "That Old Black Magic", first aired Friday, 11 June 1999

On a commerce planet, Crichton finds himself lured into an alternate reality controlled by Maldis, a being who feeds off negative energy. He is pitted against Crais in a fight to the death, leaving Zhaan to tap into her old darkness to try to help him.

Directed by: Brendan Maher · Written by: Richard Manning


Ben Browder as John Crichton

Claudia Black as Aeryn Sun

Virginia Hey as Zotoh Zhaan

Anthony Simcoe as Ka D'Argo

Guest stars

Chris Haywood as Maldis, Igg, Haloth

Lani Tupu as Captain Bialar Crais

Grant Bowler as Shaman Liko

Guest cast

Christine Stephen-Daly as Teeg

Jake Blundell as Orn

Wadih Dona as Tauvo Crais

Vic Rooney as Admiral Josbek

Errol Henderson as PK Doctor

Gerry Day as Captain Crais' Father

Duane Johnson as Young Bialar Crais

Leilani Johnson as Young girl


John Eccleston


Sean Masterson

Dave Collins

Graeme Haddon

Tim Mieville

Mario Halouvas

Damian Bradford

Voice artists

Jonathan Hardy as Rygel

Lani Tupu as Pilot

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