4·04 Same dren, different planet. ⠀ (Lava's a Many Splendored Thing) - So Farscape!

Episode 4

4·04 Same dren, different planet. ⠀ (Lava's a Many Splendored Thing)

Farscape 4·04: Lava's a Many Splendored Thing

The crew is on the way to rendezvous with Moya. After ingesting a concoction of Noranti's they stop for a break on a planet. Rygel is captured and entombed in amber by raiders.

“Top form humor, just… don’t eat soup for dinner before watching. ” (thanks The Derp!)

“Granny's cooking doesn't agree with the crew causing an unplanned evacuation. Whilst dropping the kids off at the pool, our favourite kleptomanic disturbs a robbery in process, but these are not the freedom fighters Granny is looking for! Lo'la isn't the only one enjoying D'argo's DNA and Lou Costello takes a really hot bath - Can I get a Hell Yeah!” (thanks Marky See!)

“Little Bubba got caught in a trap,

Grandma picked a bad time for a nap,

Lava baked plans,

Puke covered hands,

""No more of that 'cleansing restorative' crap!""” (thanks Ric From The Delta Quadrant!)

“Noranti tries to become a main character and creates more problems than she is worth. Chiana and Sikozu bond over bodily fluids. Rygel issues boil to a melting point, while the others attempt to save the day. Finally, Noranti redeems herself by performing. ” (thanks Melissa!)

“Welcome to the fiery lava Resort planet. Now before you take a lovely relaxing dip in the scolding lava pool, you might want to put on the energy protective armor, just remember to shoot yourself every five minutes. Or there is the nice amber chrysalis casing. You will just bob about in the lava pool. The resort is not responsible for any burn, cooking, or scolding. Have fun!” (thanks Blackrain!)

First aired on Friday, 28 June 2002, written by Michael Miller, and directed by Michael Pattinson"

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