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Episode 5

4·05 Without Hesitation ⠀ (Promises)

Farscape 4·05: Promises

The passengers of Lo'La finally reunite with Moya and Aeryn Sun aboard. Aeryn, however, is not alone...

“Our favourite science jock is upset when his best girl turns up wearing someone else's letterman jacket, but don't worry it's for medical reasons!

The crew promise not to hurt the Quack providing the treatment, but even Harvey doesn't trust him!

It quickly becomes clear only Captain Ratface on the S.S. Space Jellyfish has the cure and he has a not so simple proposition for the crew.

Green shirt finally gets rid of Jiminey Cricket and makes a deal with the devil to save their leather clad backsides.” (thanks Marky See!)

“We're reunited with old friends,

New flatmate starts a fashion trend,

The antidote,

A decoy boat,

An oath of silence 'til the end.” (thanks Ric From The Delta Quadrant!)

“Someone else rocks the Scorpy make up after getting a cold dancing bare foot in the rain. ” (thanks Lucy!)

First aired on Friday, 12 July 2002, written by Richard Manning, and directed by Geoff Bennett

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