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Episode 17

4·17 Uncle John? ⠀ (A Constellation of Doubt)

Farscape 4·17: A Constellation of Doubt

On Moya, as John wonders about the location of Katratzi - the likely location Aeryn Sun is being held captive - he obsessively watches a television transmission that Moya has intercepted from Earth. It is a program documenting the aliens' recent visit and the reactions of Earth's people.

  • “Don't think too much about how translator microbes work, grab a bowl of cop porn and pour yourself a glass of toilet water: it's time to watch someone win an Emmy.” (thanks Mark Nixon!)
  • “Earth reflects on it's week with the aliens by way of found footage, correctly diagnoses John Crichton with PTSD.” (thanks Mysterytour!)
  • “Crichton watches a documentary about the crews time on Earth while he tries to figure out where he has heard the name Katratzi before. We see Noranti making poison for rats to use against people, D'Argo tongue smacks Crichton's nephew Bobby, Aeryn explains the peacekeeper life, Chiana experiments with makeup, Rygel gambles and calls sex hotlines, Sikozu shows off her beautiful singing talents for Uncharted Territories Idol and Crichton makes an offer to Scorpius that he can't refuse.” (thanks Nickrude from Katratzi aka Canada !)
  • “Oh tonight’s episode we will go over that infamous world changing event. When the once lost astronaut John Crichton brings aliens back to earth. What’s else did they bring back with them? What is the government hiding? What does Katratzi mean? Where has Aeryn gone off too? Will John go mad playing these questions over in his head? Find out after this break. ” (thanks Blackrain !)

First aired on Monday, 10 February 2003, written by David Kemper, and directed by Andrew Prowse

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