4·20 Welcome To My Cold War ⠀ (Hot to Katratzi: We're So Screwed, Part 2) - So Farscape!

Episode 20

4·20 Welcome To My Cold War ⠀ (Hot to Katratzi: We're So Screwed, Part 2)

Farscape 4·20: Hot to Katratzi: We're So Screwed, Part 2

The crew of Moya go into the heart of Scarran space in a dangerous attempt to rescue Scorpius and prevent the Scarrans from unlocking the secrets of wormholes.

“If I play 'big dog', will they buy it?

We'll be Day-Glo daisies if anyone tries it.

Does mummy know-

you stoop so low?

""It's beer-o'clock, where the hell is my riot?""” (thanks Ric From the Delta Quadrant!)

“Following Harvey's bombshell the crew gate crash peace talks with the offer of a lifetime! Being a good American, Jon use the twin disciplines of Capitalism and violence to get what he wants. Nuclear bombs, terrible plans and double crosses abound, but will our intrepid space jock get out of this one alive?” (thanks Marky See !)

“The gang stop worrying and learn to love the bomb, and start a bar fight with the most powerful weapon of all: improv.” (thanks Mysterytour !)

First aired on Tuesday, 25 February 2003, written by Carleton Eastlake, and directed by Karl Zwicky

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