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Episode 21

4·21 On the Brink of Devastation ⠀ (La Bomba_ We're So Screwed, Part 3)

Farscape 4·21: La Bomba: We're So Screwed, Part 3

With their escape from Katratzi botched, the crew of Moya must enlist the help of their old enemy if they hope to survive the Scarrans' wrath.

“We gotta get outa here, before they realise.

Another lunatic with the wrong number of eyes.

Throw a tantrum,

Destroy the Crystherium,

Leaving a bomb in an elevator seems unwise.” (thanks Ric From the Delta Quadrant!)

“Guess what I did at work today, I wore a bomb in a field of flowers... It's not a double cross, It's a triple cross! It's plan E for Elevator, and it has nothing to do with wormholes, despite Harvey's claims. There are sore losers all round and the crew forget to vote” (thanks Marky See!)

“The gang partake in gardening practices that are even less environmentally friendly than laying astroturf. Grayza is asked if she could come to the manager's office for a quick chat and Braca is reunited with his brother, his captain, his king, his BESTIE.” (thanks mysterytour!)

First aired on Monday, 3 March 2003, written by Mark Saraceni, and directed by Rowan Woods

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