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Episode 22

4·22 NO! NOOOOO ⠀ (Bad Timing)

Farscape 4·22: Bad Timing

When the Scarrans discover the wormhole to Earth, the crew of Moya must beat them there and find a way to stop them. Failure means certain doom for the human race, but could the cost for success be too great?

“Out of the frying pan into the fire,

Scarrans heading to earth, situation dire.

Closing the wormhole, the only solution,

Harvey's words shake John's resolution

Dominar Rygel saves the day,

Pilot puts himself in harms way

Wormhole crash, last words garbled,

Moya's crew lose their marbles..” (thanks Marky See!)

“Emergency trip in extended starburst,

With all this bad timing, we must be cursed.

Puncture the bubble.

What a cute couple.

Quick! Stop the scarrans from getting to Earth!” (thanks Ric From The Delta Quadrant.!)

“Voyeurism, cucking and bondage -- and that's just one scene! The race is on, he holds the hummingbird feeder, rules the galaxy! ” (thanks Mark Nixon!)

“Since John made the mistake of telling Jenn'ik about Bird of Paradise, he must now figure out a way to protect Earth. To do so, he must insist the help of the only being who can see the wormhole form. Will this member help? Will Earth be safe? And will Aeryn say yes or no? Find out in the action-packed series finale.” (thanks Billy Roberts!)

First aired on Monday, 10 March 2003, written by David Kemper, and directed by Andrew Prowse"

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